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We at ND Tech not only provide recruitment consulting service to our clientele but also give the applicants, a perfect platform to get their dream career. We help our clients to get the suitable candidate, groom them and help the organization to retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment solutions as HR consulting professionals ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your human capital needs

Permanent Staffing

Getting the right talent at the right time is every HR fraternity's mission. We work towards achieving that mission for you. We have considerable experience and expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels. Our streamlined system is tuned to understand your requirement and select the right candidate that matches the needs, both technically and culturally.

We cater to Permanent Staffing segment through our three distinct divisions
  • Selection from our comprehensive database
    ND Tech has one of the widest and most refined database of prospective employees from various domains. This huge stream of candidates listing can be fully leveraged by you, ensuring the widest possible search for the best talents. Selecting from our database also means a quick solution for your staffing needs.
    • » Primarily addresses requirements for junior/middle management staff
      » Smart software system for speedy matching of profiles and output perfect profiles
      » Very less Turn-around-time to meet your requirements
      » Already short-listed resumes save time
      » Informed sourcing decisions

  • Advertised Recruitment
    Targets specific segments of professionals for specialized roles Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and budgets Eases the process of finding suitable candidates To create awareness and interest in client’s organization Dedicated teams to understand client's needs, organization structure, culture, and the role linkages Email id and server space allocated to handle the email responses

  • Turnkey Recruitment
    OurTurnkey Recruitment caters to large requirements from clients. Turnkey Recruitment addresses the needs in junior/middle management levels. It is best suited for start-ups, new project manning, team expansion, and scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams.




Temporary Staffing

We are recognized as specialists in providing talented and skilled professionals when you need it immediately and for as long as you need it. After understanding your specific needs and requirements, we search, assess, negotiate, and contract the best available talents to give you the best possible recruitment solutions. We also provide immediate support to take care of increasing workload, increasing team size. Thus, reducing the human capital resource and associated burdens like accounting, hiring/firing employees and so on.

You can benefit from our pool of talents for your requirement for a specified period or a project. The deployed human resource would be on our payrolls and we take care of the statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a particular project/duration.

We undertake the mobilization of teams in the specified numbers and their placement locations identified by you through our own team of committed Staffing Solution professionals. On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed teams are demobilized from your sites.

On availing our Contract Staffing solution you have an option to offer permanent position to our temporary staffing resource after assessing their skills, work ethics and ensuring that they fit into the your organization's culture. In effect, you are able to see a potential employee in action, before making a formal commitment.

Team Incubation
Team ND Tech, with over 80 man-year experience, bring in the new concept for the corporate to bring down the cost-of-hire. Here a team is identified and assessed by us, based on your requirement, and is deployed at your workplace. Here the cost-of-hire is almost negligeble, whereas you stand to get the best team. For the first two years, the team is mentored, trained and assessed by trained HR professionals, at our end. Upon successful completion of their term with ND Tech, you are allowed to adopt the talents on your payrolls. The team incubation service is available for Junior level professionals with experience ranging from 0-2 years. The candidates stand to gain varied exposure in his career in a span of two years, without a break in his career.

Temporary staffing provides for a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs.

  • The ND Tech Advantage
  • » Provides 'ready-to-work' workforce against time schedule
    » Flexibility to focus on your core business
    » Comprehensive solution to address the headcount limitations
    » Overall Reduced time and cost-of-hire
    » Cost savings on account of payment for days worked
    » Eliminates expensive contractual procedures
    » Faster mobilization and demobilization
    » All statutory obligations are taken care of by ND Tech
    » Strong existing database of candidates for just-in-time hiring
    » A viable option for Temporary-to-Permanent possibility




Executive Staffing

Executives are the lifeline of an organization. They set the vision, plan and actualize strategies, inspire, and steer the organization towards its goals. Our Executive Search division concentrates on helping the clients achieve this advantage by identifying, assessing and recruiting the world's most talented business leaders and executives. Every big company today is known by the people who lead them. These visionaries are the driving force in the company’s march to the future. At ND Tech we perfectly understand how vital recruiting is your top management. Our Executive Search is geared up for locating the brightest among the top management candidates for your company.

We commence the process by working along with our customer to chalk out a Search Brief, which forms the foundation for the searching and screening. The Brief would detail on the assignment scope, position description, candidate requirements and terms of employment. A Search Plan is then devised to effectively source the talent.

Executive Searches are invariably of highly confidential nature. We at ND Tech are bound to protect the sensitivity and classified details of the client and the prospect candidate.

Our impeccable track record of spotting the right people for the top positions even on a demanding deadline has made us the first choice by several leading companies.




Campus Recruitment

Our Campus Recruitment Outsourcing solution involves outsourcing your entire junior level recruiting functions to us. We offer the necessary skills, tools, technologies, activities and required manpower to carryout complete recruitment outsourcing and we function as your virtual recruiting department. We utilize our inherent economies of scale along with high levels of recruiting expertise to achieve improvement in four areas: uncompromising quality, reduction in cost-of-hire, dedicated service, and speed of hiring.

We have a large team of dedicated recruiters, extensive database of candidate's resumes, and the established tools and networks required to source candidates.

Campus Recruitment offers a platform for organizations to meet the aspirants and select intelligent, committed talents who have the caliber and zeal to prove themselves. Our Campus Recruitment outsourcing option helps your organization to take in quality talent from diversified geographical locations through our specialized consulting in campus recruitment.

The activities in this program include registration of candidates, setting eligibility criteria, shortlisting, planning test papers, ensuring maximum participation in pre-placement talks, putting up student’s help desk, coordinating on the D-Day, test evaluation, ensuring smooth interview process, post-offer follow up, and orienting the selected candidates for the company and the work culture, right from the time of campus-offer till the candidate joins the company.

We also organize email campaigns, web promotions, campus branding through posters at strategic campus locations, word-of-mouth marketing through our campus representatives, sponsoring campus events etc.

The rising war for talented professionals and the corresponding boom in the recruiting industry has kept HR professionals and strategists on their toes to maintain a competitive edge. Innovative hiring methods, attractive recruitment ads and efficient response management system have become the key differentiators to success.

Most organizations often try to identify the talents in IIMs/RECs/IITs. The growing demand for talented professionals and the perceived shortage of talent, calls for tapping the vast sea of talents in Tier II and Tier III institutions. This requires a great deal of planning and execution. The shortage is only perceived and not real because organizations are not able to visualize the ocean of talents in these cities. Tapping talent from such geographic diversity requires focused effort.

Junior and mid level talent constitutes a major segment of an organization’s workforce. We facilitate in identifying and routing these talents to you. We understand your specific requirements, source and screen the candidates to suit your needs, and schedule and administer tests, group discussions, interviews etc. We also assist in employment and reference checks, degree/certificate validations, salary negotiations and post-offer follow ups.
  • On-Campus Recruitment
  • » Identification of College/Institution
    » Gathering target profiles
    » Shortlisting Profiles
    » Venue management
    » Arranging Logistical and Administrative support
    » Designing/Coordinating Interview processess
    » Followup and closure
  • The ND Tech Advantage
  • » Less number of man-days required for the exercise
    » Availability of recruiters, coordinators, logistical and administrative coordinators
    » Reduced cycle time because of campus visits and re-visits by us
    » The candidate engagement process is elaborated to ensure effective assessment
    » Less cost (Vs output) involved in terms of logistical, administrative and efforts
    » Efficient response management system


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